Bohemian Lace

DSC_1303Girls… don’t just save the ivory lace for your wedding day.  True, lace is one of the most elegant pieces you could ever wear, but it can and should be worn out in the real world too.  I love how these bell sleeves give off a Bohemian yet renaissance vibe. Modern times might be inspired by the 70’s but the 70’s were definitely inspierd by the renaissance. I always feel like a Medivel maiden when I wear this dress. It actually look’s like a vintage piece.  Michael Kors really nails the “old world” look with this dress! It’s great when you can find a second hand treasure but when you can find a new idem to add to your collection, that’s pretty rad too.DSC_1264DSC_1295DSC_1277DSC_1274DSC_1270DSC_1275 2DSC_1307.jpgDSC_1280DSC_1283 2



DSC_1217I love this vintage tee! It makes me think of all those nostalgic summer camp movies. This awesome piece happens to be my moms old camp counseling shirt from the 70’s. Also one of my favorite decades. A shirt like this could be pared with anything. A skirt, jeans, under overalls, shorts. Its so fun to be creative with such a simple yet such a versatile piece. From sun-glasess to chokers, throwing on an accessory or two can take it to a new level. Check out Etsy or even your local thrift store to find something similar. This might just be your new favorite piece. DSC_1210DSC_1207DSC_1212DSC_1232 copyFullSizeRenderDSC_1224When some camper shouts lunch time!!!DSC_1215DSC_1228DSC_1226


  • Shirt: My moms closet
  • Shorts: H&M
  • Shoes: Michael Kors

Ruffels and Stripes

DSC_0945Summer is all about fun. Right? Weather your enjoying a seaside holiday, having a mountain adventure or perhaps a party with friends, we want something to wear that makes us look and feel fabulous. But what? When I go out shopping I sometimes find myself gravitating to the same things over and over. It’s called the”comfort zone.” Does anyone else do this? I’m sure we are all guilty of it one time or another. When I’m in a style rut I love being inspired and taking ideas from the people I see around me. Sometimes it’s not what I thought I’d wear in a million years. But thats the thing…DONT ever say to yourself  “I could never pull that off” unless you give it a try first. You just might find yourself pleasantly surprise. Expand your horizons and DON’T forget to experiment.DSC_0921I’m all about stripes and ruffles right now and love that this bohemian look has a slightly polished 1920’s vibe to it. DSC_0920DSC_0929Dont forget to have fun!DSC_0943DSC_0946 2DSC_0940I’m pretty sure it’s a crime for pants to be this comfortable DSC_0952Peace out gangsters!

Where I found it:

  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban
  • Lace necklace: Forever 21
  • Ruffle top: H&M
  • Striped pants: H&M
  • Shoes: Michael Kors


DSC_0685If you guys already haven’t guessed it, I love the 90’s! I was born and raised in the 90’s and some of my best childhood memories comes from that famous decade too. Sure, there was a lot of crazy…(dare I say) cheezy things about it like when your mom took you to Walmart to get your yearly photographs done or made you dress up for those family holiday gatherings. Ok I get it…so maybe our outfits weren’t to hot then. But it’s not to late for a 90’s redo! It’s all about how you style your peices together. I usually like to keep it simple. DSC_0691DSC_0755 2Number one rule of the 90’s…your outfit is never comepleat without your walkman! Don’t leave the house with out it! I loved this thing. Still do actually and it was right where I left it…under my bed…DSC_0725In love with my “sporty casual sneakers!” You can dress them up or down and the best part about them is that there comfortable. Sometime’s its not always possible but I like things to be fashionable and functional at the same time! Whoever said it takes pain to be beautiful? Lies…all lies.DSC_0690DSC_0759DSC_0744Current mood…Do not disturb.DSC_0722DSC_0736 copyIncase you guys are wondering…My walkman still works.DSC_0765


Necklace: Accessorize

Print top: Thrifted

Jeans : Bill Blass- Thrifted

Shoes: Michael Kors

BSMENT GRUNGE: The Leather Jacket


So this look I like to call “basement grunge with a hint of greaser.” I think this looks really chill. I’m all about quick and easy (who isn’t these day’s?) but I also like to look put together. With that said, I try to find staple pieces that are classic and can be mixed and matched to make completely new outfits. Thankfully ripped jeans and a black leather jacket can go with just about anything in your wardrobe.


If I can offer you guys any advice it would be to envest in a pair of real leather boots. I’ve litteraly worn these into the ground and they still keep going. I don’t mind them to be a little beat up. It adds to the grunge.


And of course if you want to be apart of the most current trend for eyeshadow…Go ahead and give your lids a swipe of watermelon red for a pop of color. I think it’s super rad! If your not quite ready for something this bright, you can always tone it down by blending a bronze shadow into the crease.


And my all time favorite accessory goes to the elastic tieback! A girl should never leave the house without one of these around her wrist.


I don’t know…I’ve always had a thing for leather jackets. Maybe it’s because of the iconic figures that wore them. Or that they remind me of the old swashbuckling classics like the Musketeers and Robin Hood. But whatever comes to mind I think we all feel pretty cool when waring one!



Necklace: Forever 21
Teeshirt: Banna Republic
Jeans: American Eagle
Leather Jacket: Michael Kors
Boots: Michael Kors
Eyeshadow: Zephora brand, in watermelon falls



Denim it’s self has had a long history, being invented around the 17th century it’s had a long time to evolve. I’m sure we all can guess it’s original design was for function rather the fashion because of it’s durability. it wasn’t till the 50’s & 60’s that denim truly became popular in a style sense. We all know the iconic figures who first wore them, and even encouraged the style to continue. James dean, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe just to name a few. No one is really sure who invented denim but whoever it was our thanks goes out to them.

fullsizeoutput_1115Image 5-21-17 at 12.09 PM

And of corse your jean jacket is never complete without a cheeseburger pin. Who’s hungry?


I love how anything goes with a jean jacket…like seriously…I stole my dads gardening hat and called it a day. Even wearing jean pants with your jacket isn’t a bad idea. Just be sure to ware a different color wash. You don’t want to end up looking like your wearing a denim suit;)

Image 5-17-17 at 3.11 PM

Rip em up!!! Ripped jeans are so much fun. Yes they have been scorned and even ridiculed by parents. You might have even heard a phrase like “What on earth are you wearing? I could have made you those.” But even amongst all the haters out there the fad still continues. I personally like the style. It’s a reminder that life doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do you.

Image 5-21-17 at 12.05 PM

Fun Fact: It takes two pounds of cotton to make a pair of jeans.


  • Jean Jacket: Thrifted
  • Striped teeshirt: Gap
  • Necklace: Forever 21
  • Ripped jeans: American Eagle
  • Shoes: Michael Kors